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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cheesy Seafood Mashup

My friend Elaine is tremendously brilliant and absolutely amazing.

No, really -- this woman is a trained dancer, has traveled around the world, is highly intuitive, speaks several languages (she teaches French and Spanish), is one of the most attentive hosts I have ever met in life and is an excellent cook.

While vising her just recently, she made this amazing conglomeration of Mahi Mahi, crawfish and scallops.

It was decadent. One of the best home cooked meals I have had, I am sure. It was very slightly spicy with the right amount of fish and shellfish -- and that sauce!

I was surprised to learn that she used Brianna's dressing (which I blogged about earlier) for the sauce. I knew I would have to try and replicate this when I returned home.

But, alas, my grocer did not have any fresh scallops or Mahi Mahi in stock. Indeed, the fish is not in season at the moment, so I went with a frozen version. NOT my favorite thing to do. I also went with crawfish and shrimp.

The recipe is quite simple: Cook the fish alone, then set aside while you cook the shellfish. Add the two before pouring in the requisite amount of sauce. You can add the whole bottle if you like. Really, it comes down to how saucy you like it.

You need no seasoning whatsoever in producing this dish. Just allow the dressing to do all the work. No kidding -- no salt necessary. You don't have to dress the shrimp if you do not want to. I did go with seasoned crawfish, but that was not at all necessary.

I write this off as a culinary mashup because it seems somewhat counterintuive to meld fish and shellfish with salad dressing -- and a cheesy salad dressing, no less.

Served with a green bean casserole and a few slices of bread, this made the perfect, round meal. I am sure you can do this with chicken or a whole range of vegetables. It seems quite versatile. Thank you Elaine!

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