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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tilapia with Neighborly Friends

It had been some time since I had made a fancy meal for another.

I knew I wanted to go with tilapia -- because my dear friend is a fan of this particular fish -- and some sort of vegetable mix along with broccoli.

For some reason, I had a mad craving for broccoli. But, really, it's no surprise. Corn and broccoli are, indeed, two of my favorite vegetables.

I think I had the food presentation in mind before I even began cooking.

I began boiling the corn on the cob and then started on the fish.

In a bowl, I stirred together olive oil, salt, pepper, lemon, dried parsley and paprika.

I then marinated the fish in this beautiful mixture for about 15 minutes.

It occurred to me later that I should have picked up some mango while at the grocery store.

It seems this is the common way to make this sort of vegetable-based side dish. 

...then it occurred to me that mango is no longer in season, so no point in that.

Next, I started in on the broccoli. .

I opted to use a broccoli and cheese rice soup, reducing it all the way down so that I would be able to serve it as a side, not a soup. I also added bunches of additional shavings of broccoli to the mix when it was nearly done cooking. In all, I let this cook according to instruction.

Then, I began on the corn-based mix.

This required sautéing onion and red bell peppers.

When the vegetables were ready, I tossed in the shaved corn and added about one tablespoon for butter.

I let this cook for about eight minutes. I then let it cool, tossing in the fresh cilantro and red onions at the very end and setting this aside for the plating.

I waited until everything else was complete before cooking the tilapia, which I pan fried.

Quite delicious and feeling, and with a lovely presentation! The first plated the broccoli rice, then the vegetables, nestling the tilapia directly in the middle.

I was quite pleased, and Jackson said he felt the same.


  1. How I wish you and I could entertain each other by cooking together. I have mixed feelings about tilapia. Do you do catfish?

  2. LOVE catfish! It was the fish of choice in Southern California. Why the reservations about tilapia?


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