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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Steamy, Buttery Rosemary Potatoes

This kind of fell together. I decided to make a vegetarian pot pit. The weather has been cold -- in the 70s. All you East Coast and Midwest readers, don't laugh.

These potatoes -- actually, I only used one -- were made for a vegetarian pot pie I made. But they turned out so well I figured they deserved their own post.

I used Yukon potatoes cut into cubes. The process was quite easy -- I put them in a pot with a steamer, then sprinkled them with garlic powder, dried rosemary and pepper with a very small sampling of garlic salt. Very tiny amount. Midway through cooking, I slathered a tablespoon of butter on the potatoes.

Goodness, I wish I could channel smells through the Internet. That capability is coming, I am sure.

The potatoes were so wonderfully fragrant! And the flavor was nicely rounded out. I recommend using these for stuffing or even a standard side dish. Or, if you have the midnight munchies, this could make a quick, easy meal.


  1. I have said recently that the potato would probably be my desert island food. And rosemary a number one herb.

  2. Oooh! You should try this. The were amazing.


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