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Monday, November 7, 2011

Product Review: Don Pancho Mole

It seems the world is in turmoil, and life is difficult at times, and yet I still find that there is something so beautiful, so pure and endearing in sharing a meal with others.

Also, cooking for oneself remain a critical practice, especially when you have access to *good* food -- nutritious, nurturing and preferably local food.

Cooking at home using basic ingredients and fresh items, I believe, has a great potential to breed discipline and a deep desire to be more selective about the food products you consume.

At least this is true for me.

And so, those are reasons enough to remain devoted to cooking wholesome home prepared dishes.

I miss regularly cooking, and I miss this blog. And, thus, it is with this post that I intend to return to you.

A dear colleague of mine brought back a bag of powdered mole, gifting it to me because she was well aware of my love for cooking.

Don Pancho's mole atocpan is full and densely flavored. But it does not carry the strong chocolate essence I am accustomed to smelling and tasting when I have had mole. Instead, it carries the sharp tinge of spices.

This mole appears to be quite divergent from the mole I am accustomed to having in the southwest -- there is a divergent range of mole sauces and pastes, I have come to realize. This was my first time preparing mole from either a powder or paste.

The produce has an earthy smell and taste to it. Indeed, it looks like beautifully produced soft soil. To the taste, you can capture hints of chocolate, but the chile is overpowering -- especially the ancho.

I do like the product but might add a little bit of oil to the product when producing the sauce. Merely using broth was not efficient to develop the appropriate consistency or flavor.


  1. Very interesting. I had no idea there was a mole mix like this.

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