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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Homemade Sushi: My Fail-Safe Method

I am doing much better producing good sushi rice. The key: Patience!

Also, I have been meticulous about my measurements, carefully measuring the rice and the water. I find this to be crucial.

With a timed rice cooker, it makes the cooking process much easier. But as soon as the device beeps, I set to work. I find this also is essential.

I leave the warmer on, but immediately fluff the rice while still in the cooker, trying to remove as much moisture/steam as possible. I then allow it to sit no more than to minutes with the lid up.

I do not have the bamboo bowl and fan, so I use a glazed stoneware bowl. I find that plastic bowls and glass bowls only lead to disasterous results.

I have my rice vinegar prepared with salt and sugar and ready. Immediately before placing the rice in the bowl, I add a little bit of vinegar and swirl it around in the bowl. I then lightly fold the rice in and over itself, using a kind of chopping motion while I add the additional vinegar and blowing on the rice.

Yes, blowing on the rice.

If you are thinking about a circus show at the moment, that may well be what it looks like as I am doing this. But, thank goodness, I have yet to faint while doing this.

As for the ingredients, I have been experimenting with vegetables, panko and shrimp. That's another thing -- I haven't advanced to nigiri or sashimi. It can be difficult to find fresh, reasonably priced sushi-grade cuts in Tucson -- especially sustainable types. But I find that if I toss shrimp into a boiling mixture of soy sauce and mirin, it gives it a nice lovely, sticky-sweet flavor for the rolls. It's a good start at preparing sushi at home for, literally, something like 60 percent less than it would cost to go to a restaurant.

The only thing, though, is I know that it will take at least an hour before I am able to begin rolling the sushi because between cleaning, soaking and cooking the rice, this takes about 45 minutes. But it's well worth it.

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  1. Bravo to you. I've never made sushi rice. However, here in DC we can find fresh tuna, salmon, etc to serve raw. I think I must try this.


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