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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Very, Very Slow-Cooked Pulled Pork

I grew up in Los Angeles and spent some of my adult live living in the South. You might think I'm a huge fan of sauce-slathered barbecue meats, but I'm not really. Hence my reason for having so very little experience with pulled pork.

Indeed, I believe I have only had it twice in life -- both times teeming with sauce.

Now, I am indeed a fan of barbecue sauce with Sweet Baby Ray's being my favorite (love you Dontia, miss you). But I do not like having too much of the stuff. If I'm eating barbecue meat I want to be able to taste the meat.

No w, I understand that there are multiple ways to produce pulled pork. For my purposes, I didn't barbecue this cut of pork. I decided to cook it only in the crockpot. In with the cut went an assortment of things: brown sugar, onion powder, a tiny bit of cinnamon, paprika, cumin, mustard, rice vinegar (just an experiment), Worcestershire sauce and Sweet Baby Ray's, of course, and a couple other things.

I cooked this on low for about eight hours. That wasn't enough time, so I left it on for about another three hours.

The meat came out quite nice, pullable, as expected. But the flavor was somewhat subdued, so I added a bit more of Sweet Baby Ray's and it turned out well.

But, goodness. I will never cook this again, lest there is a party.

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  1. It's a curious thing about slow cookers - it does help a lot to add more flavorings at the end. We left our cooker behind when we came east in January. I much prefer a low an slow oven which actually doesn't require as many hours.


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