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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Trying to Master Pizza Crust

Note to self: When using yeast, allow the dough time to rise.

Goodness gracious. This is one of those "would coulda been" entries.

Look at the pizza. In all its glory. Beautifully shaped. Nice amount of toppings. Delicious looking, eh?

If only I had not have put the dough to work before it got its due rest!

But I find when I do have the time and the energy, I enjoy making pizza at home. I find that I do need quite a bit more practice.

My pizza dough is never as fluffy as I would like. I tend to add olive oil and dried herbs. This last time around, I went with basil.

Yet it doesn't matter how poorly the crust turns out, The ingredients are always good. And, fancy that, I learned that I absolutely love sauteed green bell peppers on a pizza! I'll keep experimenting.

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