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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Oldies but Goodies: Higher Education-Influenced Shrimp Noodle Soup

A shout out to all you college students getting ready for the start of the new term.

Ah, I remember my days as a new freshman. I was all wide-eyed and bushy-tailed! My future awaited me! Little did I know that my residence hall would have such a meager kitchen. Seriously, it was a three-story hall and we all had to share a kitchen with one electric range.

This meant having a microwave was golden. And lucky me, my mother got an industrial sized microwave for me. The kind you’d find in a small commercial kitchen.

No lie. One of the best investments ever! Of course this meant I was prone to microwave lunches and dinners for some of my wing mates. I didn’t mind at all.

One of the more popular eats was Ramen noodles. You know the kind that comes in the wrapper that’s seems as thin as a fingernail. When you rip it open it’s bound to throw shards of noodles all over the place. Thank goodness Ma also made sure I had a vacuum cleaner.

I still have fond memories of Ramen noodles – that and microwaved pizza and hot potatoes. But I can’t just Ramen noodles anymore. No! Not with all these years of national and international travel and social refinement – I have to have my noodles spiced with garlic chili sauce, scallions and fresh shrimp!


  1. That's the best looking photo of ramen noodles ever. It might be the shrimp. I really love shrimp.

  2. When I went to college there was no such thing as a microwave oven. Oh, stop, and dry your tears. But we did have a big cafeteria with a lot of crappy food. Where was Jamie Oliver then when we needed him?

    I remain a big fan of ramen noodles in part because they are so cheap and in part because they are so easy to make.

  3. I have to add another comment. Last night we ended up making pad Thai from all sorts of stuff we found in the fridge. The noodles? RAMEN. Our protein was some delicious leftover pork.


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