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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fluffy, Crunchy Goodness

Fry bread – it has a sordid history. From what I understand, tribal members who were forced centuries ago to walk to a location near Fort Summer, New Mexico where they were imprisoned.

The government provided rations of flour, salt, yeast and other items that were then used to produce the dough for what would become known as fry bread.

My first encounter with fry bread was at a car show while in high school.

A friend of mine wanted a fry bread taco and urged me to try my own. In looking at the ingredients, I settled on powdered sugar and cheese.

He thought this was such a crazy idea, as did our server. Both informed me that it was typical to put add powdered sugar and honey or cheese with beans and meat -- but not cheese and powdered sugar together.

I pushed my nose up, defiant, and ordered it anyway.

It’s the only way I have eaten fry bread since. Here, members of the Tohono O’odham serve fry bread at the Mission San Xavier del Bac on the weekends. I always order my standard toppings, and still will sometimes get that sideways look or the evil eye.

But I so love it this way.

I decided to try it at home.

The recipe is quite simple. I find that some call for yeast and others don’t. I tried it both ways and found that the one with yeast was much more flavorful!

My first batch was terrible though – too thick and too bumpy.

The trick is to ensure that the dough is flattened out completely and somewhat thin. I don’t think I let the dough sit long enough. It literally looked like a honeycomb blanket. Terrible, terrible.

But the taste! Near perfection. I have learned that it is best to put the powdered sugar down before the cheese, lest you want to be covered in speckles of confectioners sugar.

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  1. I think I had some fry bread a few years ago at an American Indian restaurant in Denver. I remember it was fun and tasty.


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