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Sunday, July 31, 2011

What Food Preparation Teaches

Sitting to write this, I am reminded of the film, “Like Water for Chocolate.” My teenage self adored the cinematography and storyline, but my adult self has learned to appreciate one of its pivotal messages: Within our souls resides a deep connection with our food, and that our food can and does propel the action of our senses and emotions.

It has taken me nearly my entire lifetime to appreciate the art of cooking – the sometimes slow and methodical effort it takes to mix and mold dishes into luscious wonders for the mouth, body and spirit. I now understand and appreciate that preparing dishes can teach you to be patient, to be curious, to wonder and to love. Granted, it also can infuriate you to no end – especially when learning how to debone a turkey or properly cook red beans or discovering that your “culinary feat” is both bland and unsightly.

Sushi rice is perhaps one such ingredient that has the power to evoke such an emotional range.

I have been learning to cook sushi rice for years. My first batch, prepared roughly five years ago, was a total and complete disaster. Gummy, tough and flavorless, I had to sacrifice the yield to the trash.

But I have been practicing.

I find that, above all, patience is key. Sushi rice is delicate, yet demanding of your attention to detail. I have found that preparing it requires such precision – in the time to clean, to soak, to boil, to rest, to mix with the vinegar, salt and sugar, to cool and to shape, either for nigiri or rolls.

After all these years, I am getting so close to happiness with my sushi rice preparation. That is not to say I do not digress. I most certainly do. After all, I am not a trained sushi chef. But the progress fills me full of happiness and love.

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  1. Being a trained sushi chef is of little importance. Being a striving sushi chef is of utmost importance. I've not yet tried to make sushi rice, but I will one of these days.


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