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Saturday, July 30, 2011

My Favorite Cup

The weekend I moved into my residence hall as a new minted university freshman (Go Wildcats!), my mother took me shopping for the essentials: School supplies, food, bedding, bathroom items, cooking materials and the like. 

I recall with such fondness standing in an aisle at Target looking at coffee cups.

"Pick out a coffee cup," my mother suggested.

I wasn't a coffee drinker at the time and didn't see that I would need one.

"I don't think I'll need a coffee cup," I told her. Of course she looked at me with a stern, yet loving expression on her face as though to say, "Honey, you're a college student now. I don't know why we're buying all this food anyway when you will be living off of coffee for the next four years."

Ah, the words of wisdom.

So I looked quickly at the selection, settling on this yellow-colored cup with abstract grapes -- or military medals. I haven't been able to figure that over the years. This cup has seen me through so much -- about eight different moves, umpteenth bouts of sickness, several jobs and other major life events.

OK, this is not a posting in the traditional sense of a food blog. But the cup lives in my kitchen and, to this day, serves as a lasting testament as my mother's love and compassion for her daughter as she set out to send her -- the first -- off to college. For this reason, this remains my favorite cup.

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  1. I gave Peter and cup years ago with a picture of me on one side and our dog, Scooper, on the other. He's drinking coffee out of it even as we speak.


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