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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ghee Whizz! A New Taco Tradition

Ah, the ubiquitous taco -- in this region at least.

You can find tacos with grilled or charred beef, pork or chicken; with tripe, chorizo asado, cactus paddles; or with shrimp, a range of fish, though cod and tilapia are quite popular; vegetarian style stuffed with avocado, sweet chilies and corn; and then there is cabeza or meat from a cow’s head, slow cooked – this being my least favorite. Blech! I do not care for barbacoa. To me, the feeling must be comparable to those who do not enjoy “fishy” fish.

Then you have your doados, flautas and taquitos.

For me, I like my tacos best when they are served with carne asada with fresh onions and cilantro and some spicy salsa or hot sauce.

*kisses fingertips*

My most recent tacos were a combination of ground beef and potatoes with bell peppers and onion.

I began with the potatoes, then cooked the onions and peppers. I added the beef last, adding some broth.

By the time the broth boiled off, the taco stuffing was ready.

I warmed my tortillas over the stove’s open flame and added a dab of ghee and also some shredded mozzarella cheese, then Sriracha.


The ghee added a wonderful flavor to the tacos that, in effect, MADE these tacos!

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