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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Product Review: Milton's Healthy Multi-Grain Bread

I have been enjoying Milton's Healthy Multi-Grain Bread for many months now. I have decided that not only is it my favorite multi-grain bread, but is my favorite bread -- ever!

I have never been much of a fan for whole or multi grain bread in life, preferring wheat instead if I must have bread. Blame the bad experiences of yesteryear. I have long associated whole grain and multi-grain bread with bland, unfamiliar and uninteresting.

Until Milton’s.

Now, granted, at nearly $5 a loaf, this bread is pretty pricey. I mean, come on, you can buy a loaf of Wonderbread at more than half that. But trust me when I say that the cost is worth the benefit of improved – tremendously improved – quality.

Oh Milton’s!

This bread is wonderful for everything: Sandwiches, toast with a little butter or jam, as a stand alone, alongside a bowl of soup or wrapped around a hot link.
The bread has the right amount of softness and give – and grain! I feel healthy just looking at this bread. And looking at it is something I love. Not sure why, but I am intrigued by the sampling of seeds atop its crust. Infused with fiber and with no cholesterol or trans fat, this loaf is a keeper. And bonus: It is certified by the American Heart Association.

That’s awesome.

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