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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Product Review: Cacique Manchego

Pass go. Do not collect $500 or any Cacique Manchego in the process.

You won't regret it. The manchego is terrible, terrible, terrible.

Granted, I love this company's other cheeses: The queso fresco, the cotija (one of my absolute favorites) and I only buy creama Mexicana from this company  -- have for years.

But the manchego? OK, OK...maybe it's me. But I thought manchego should be slightly firm with a tinge of sharpness before mellowing out into buttery goodness in your mouth. It also should be slightly yellow in color. But this manchego was none of those things. Instead, it tasted exactly like mozzarella cheese. A decent mozzarella, in fact, but certainly no manchego.

Ah well. I will continue purchasing the company's other wonderfully delicious cheeses, but never again this one.

Photo credit: Cacique Incorprorated


  1. Cacique's Manchego is an unaged version. It is supposed to be comparable to mozzarella in texture, with a slightly nutty and sweet taste.

  2. Indeed -- thank you for the post. It is important to offer as a clarification that there are vast differences between the two types of Manchego. The Manchego I was going for was the aged grating cheese, not the softer, melting cheese.

  3. You are looking for Spanish Manchego, which is different than Mexican Manchego.


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