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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Basic, Yet Tasty Stir Fry

Yeah! I got to use the wok I've had for about four years for the first time this month.

Yes, it has been sitting lonely in the cabinet wondering, "Will she ever put me to good use? What the point in getting me?!"

Sorry little wok, but it was worth the wait.

I started with the base -- stir fry sauce.

Now, I know you can purchase this in the story for, like $3.99. But why would I do that when I have most all the ingredients at home to make a sauce from scratch?

I used soy sauce, sesame oil, fish sauce, chili garlic sauce and brown sugar. I mixed this together until it had a semi-sweet flavored with slightly subdued spice, adding lime to cut the chili's bite. One taste and I was sold!

Next up, the vegetables.

What fun picking these out! I could have gone with more broccoli and more mushrooms. The broccoli did an excellent job picking up the flavor of the sauce and the mushrooms held a wonderful texture. We could have used fewer sprouts. This meal predates the outbreak in Germany -- but sure these sprouts likely did not come from Germany -- so I wasn't the second bit worried about coming down with any symptoms.

So, yeah -- I heated the wok, added and swirled around the oil. I used olive oil instead of one with a higher boiling point.

*sigh* I know, I know. Terrible, terrible. I don't keep much else by way of oils in the house. It really is not good to use olive oil for cooking.

Despite this, the stir fry was lovely. Light and flavorful! I found it quite interesting that the green beans puffed up in such a funny way while cooking. They looked like Romano beans to start, so I was quite confused that some of them became cylinder orbs in the wok. Heh.

As for the cauliflower -- it had a substandard taste. It was great for texture, but it did not pick up the flavor of the sauce. Only its color.  I'll have to try this one again.


  1. I'm very happy for your wok. And you obviously know how to put together a stir-fry.

  2. I bet that is one happy wok after cooking this great looking dish! I'm new here and have to look around now. So glad to find your blog!

  3. We're missing you. Everything okay?


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