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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Star Anise Meets Oxtails

I haven't cooked oxtails in a long while. As it turns out, it has nearly been one full year since I have made them.

The last time I made them was quite different. I stewed them, which has been my typical way. That way, the oxtails were drenched in a heavy sauce.

This time, I cooked them in chicken broth instead and I used -- for the first time, people -- star anise!

I am not sure I have ever had star anise. I had purchased a container of them from Safeway about two months ago only because the store was having an amazing sale on spices. I'd heard of anise. Seen it before. But had not a clue what it would smell like or taste like. I imagined it might be sweet, probably because based on the little knowledge I had of it I knew it came from a fruit.

I first browned the oxtails, then added the broth and a mass of spices and herbs. I then noticed the star anise in the cabinet. I opted to drop one of them into the pot. Just one. And thank goodness too! About one hour later, the house was full of the strong, deep fragrance of licorice.

Now...I am not a fan of licorice, so I wondered if I might have to donate this dish to a neighbor. I kept with the positive thoughts. And about two hours later I was tasting the dish.

I was surprised. It had the essence of licorice, but it did not taste that way. This was such an unusual experience for me as of late. I cannot recall the last time I tasted something so unfamiliar! I was wildly curious and served myself a bowl immediately! 

Oh, why is this an afterthought? I also tried making Crash Hot Potatoes. I did not make them in the same way that Pioneer Woman recommends, but they came out well. Just didn't really match with the oxtails and rice. Ah well, it was a nice, filling dinner no less.

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  1. Very interesting. I have never used star anise either so I am unfamilar of the taste. But glad to hear it worked out here. Maybe I should start experimenting with it too.


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