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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cabbage and Bacon and Broth, Oh My!

What do you do with nearly an entire head of cabbage that has been sitting lonely in the fridge, waiting and wanting for attention?

While trying to figure this out, there was something deep within me -- some memory, one that was largely unshaped -- calling to me. It also called for cabbage and bacon.
I am not sure the source of this memory, but it told me that the two would meld wonderfully together. The memory coaxed: "Don't you remember eating this as a child?"

To which I responded: "No, I don't remember at all. But, oooh! That does sound good."

I even consulted my mother, asking her if she'd ever produced a soup with cabbage and bacon.

No, she said.

What about granddad? This seems like something he would do.




Alas, I still do not know from where this memory springs. But I decided to make a soup, first sauteing onions when, upon the cusp of caramelizing, I added the bacon and the potatoes that I did not bother to shave. I was being lazy. *tee hee*

I cooked this in a sampling of butter before adding the sliced cabbage, letting it steam for a few minutes before adding broth. I let this cook for about 15 minutes and served it as is. No accompaniments; no adornments. Near perfection! I had three bowls. Envious Topee -- she wanted to share some with me.

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