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Monday, April 18, 2011

Soul Food Meal Gets a Tiny Upgrade


Can I just say that: A) Paprika on a red baked potato is just wonderful, and B) Green onions cooked with sweet corn is simply delicious! C) Swiftly fried chicken that is then poached for a good 20 minutes is a ripoff from Heaven itself.

This may well be what the angels eat.

...Ok. That may be a slight exaggeration.

Only slight.

I was so tired today and did not feel like cooking dinner. But I was hungry. Hence the upgraded soul food dinner. Yes, in the words of Beyonce, "let me upgrade you." That's what I was thinking when I finally tasted this meal.

It was a lazy night for me. I immediately put the potato in the oven -- salted with pepper and a dab of butter, wrapped in foil and set at 450 degrees for 35 minutes. And I planned to prep the slow cooker for a meal to cook overnight. I prepped the drumsticks and thighs with: Salt, pepper, roasted garlic seasoning, freshly chopped garlic, juice from 1.5 limes and onion powder. I let this rest in the fridge for about a half hour.

The potato wasn't ready after 35 minutes. I set the timer to 20 minutes more.

Then, I put the chicken in a skillet prepped with olive oil. I cooked this on high until the skin browned substantially. And just before it began to burn, poured in some chicken broth, lowered the heat and cooked this for about another 15 minutes.

For the corn, I used a can of corn. *Loud, Friday 13th-style shrieking sound*

People, I know, I know! Not my style. No excuses for this type of behavior! I won't hold it against you if you phone the Foodie Police.

I sauteed the green onions briefly, then added some juice from the corn -- about three tablespoons, pouring the rest down the drain. Then, I tossed in the rest of the corn and let this heat for a couple of minutes.

That was that! While plating, I sprinkled some paprika on the potatoes as an after thought. Good idea!

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  1. I just used canned corn the other day. There ain't anything wrong with it. Paprika is my friend. 'Nuff said.


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