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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Seafood Conglomeration

Two very, very important things were learned today in the kitchen:

1. Lump crab does not taste good with mustard.

2. Nor does it taste good with salad dressing.

I learned the hard way that I should keep it relatively simple and light. Though I was born and raised along the coast, crab was not a part of my vocabulary growing up.

In fact, I had not had fresh crab until 2010. I was surprised to learn that I loved it more than I did lobster. I love the gentle texture and light flavor crab yields. It tickles the tongue in a playful and faint way, yet lingers still.

And so, tonight, I was in the mood for fresh, light ingredients tonight. I thought of salmon and crab first.

Now, I understand that it is common to mix crab meat with mayonnaise, but I do not keep that on hand in my home. I cannot stand the smell, look or taste of mayonnaise. BLEECCHHT!

I ended up mixing the lump crab with fresh dill (a friend of mine gave me a bunch and, interesting, it was still quite fresh), green onions and a little bit of olive oil, salt and pepper. I could have added more pepper. Ah well. I then added a few drops of Sriracha and stirred this with vigor.

I did not do anything with the lox other than to wrap it around the crab mixture, plating it with slices of avocado and -- *gasp* -- anchovies!

I cannot recall EVER having had anchovies alone. Yeah, I may have had them in a salad at some point or another, some forgettable moment or another, obviously. I thought they would be far more salty and sharp than they actually were. Granted, they were salty and sharp, but just not what I imagined. Very flavorful.

So, in all, a decent, light meal. I was pretty satisfied with the flavors. Interestingly, though -- Topee wasn't all that concerned with what I was doing in the kitchen tonight. Hum....


  1. There's nothing like the adoring gaze of a doggie. Wow, you've just expanded your horizons by leaps and bounds. Congrats.

  2. crab is awesome although it can be a lot of work...


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