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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Speedy Homemade Pizza

Did that just happen? Did I really just make a pizza crust in only about five minutes?

Yes, indeed.

I had no idea it could be this easy. But making the dough required flour, salt, sugar, yeast, flour and warm water. I added a few herbs to spice things up -- nothing like a bland lump of dough.

Interesting thing, though, this dough needed no time to rise at all! The moment I started adding the water -- after having mixed the warm ingredients -- the dough just kind of came to be, naturally and automatically into existence.


Anyway, Nancy helped out with the preparation. Tonight was one of those clear out the refrigerator nights so we went for whatever we could to add to the pizza. 

I placed down parchment paper and rolled out the dough. I then gently punched my fingers into the dough, making little dimples throughout. Then I added a little bit of olive oil. I think that was a good addition.

But, bummer! We should have included some fresh garlic. Ah well. Next time.

We opted for green bell peppers, onions and some pepperoni. Yes...we had pepperoni in the house. Don't ask, don't ask.

We also had oodles of mozzarella for some reasons along with some pasta sauce. After preparing the dough, Nancy slathered on the sauce -- just enough for the personal pizza we were about to share.

...yeah, maybe I should have added more flour.

She then added the pepperoni and I added the onion and bell peppers. Next, we tossed the cheese on top -- we had shredded mozzarella and fresh mozzarella.

We were going to add some goat cheese, but opted against it. In the end, I think that was a good idea. It was more of a standard pizza than a fancy one.

This wasn't the type of pizza where we would be adding freshly clipped basil, gently sauteed carpaccio, fresh tomatoes with squash blossoms with a few anchovy placed atop.

Not at all! This was down home cooking.

And it was looking pretty good!

Fifteen minutes later, and the pizza was ready. And those with an attentive eye -- yes, I somehow managed to char the parchment paper. Not a worry in the world, however. After this came after the hour and cooled for about five minutes -- OK...three minutes, it was all nom nom nom from there.


  1. Great Pizza. I love homemade pizza and yours looks fantastic!

    Have a great weekend

  2. I confess to being too lazy to make pizza dough from scratch. Besides we have access to 2 sources of excellent frozen doughs (also quite cheap). Now, toppings, that's another story. You've made me crave some pepperoni, bad girl that you are.

  3. Let the inspiration roll! I was so impressed with the turnout. All this in about a half hour. Crazy.

  4. I love homemade pizza... I wish I could have this for lunch.


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