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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

First Pickling Attempt, Ever

Living in the southwest, I have grown fond of zanahorias -- as at least one popular Mexican restaurant here attests that is what they are called, though I believe that zanahorias is merely the Spanish word for "carrots" and may not suggest that the carrots are, indeed, pickled.

Either way, these little, circular pickled carrots are amazing.

While enjoy your taco, burrito, torta or whatever other delicious soul foodish type of meal you order, you are free to pop one or two (or more if you like. I won't judge you) of these into your mouth.

Brined along with onions and jalapeno peppers, the carrots take on a lightly spicy and semi-sweet flavor, keeping a mild crunch.


I have developed an affinity for these little carrots, but had not thought to attempt to make them at home until having Vietnamese food the other afternoon at Pho 88 (HIGHLY recommend this restaurant) during which pickled carrots were served.

So, here is my home version.

Though I have never brined anything before, I suspected I would need vinegar, salt and sugar.
For fun, I added a bay leaf and peppercorn to the mix. I also added garlic and one Italian onion -- a small-looking version of the Vidalia onion, but more of a white than a yellow tint to it. This will be my first time enjoying these onions.

And look at me reusing items! From blueberry preserves to pickled carrots -- I cannot wait to taste these tomorrow night. 

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