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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

An Electricity-Free Dinner

Ah, electricity.

These photos are terrible for a reason: We had yet another night of no electricity for some unknown reason.

The first time was the result of a terrible wreck in the vicinity. So very terrible.

The second came after a day of insanely beautiful torrential rain. Goodness, I love rainy days.

So, yes -- we had to cook in the near dark. Thank goodness that Nancy stocks up on candles. We had plenty. She also has butane camping stove.

Honesty, it wasn't a hassle not having electricity, though it certainly made me think of the dependency. We merely used the butane stove to make our veggies and the grill out back for our steaks. We also had some nice bread on hand, which was perfect.

It was quite lovely and relaxing, actually. We set up dinner on the sofa and sat and talked in the near dark. The lights wouldn't come on until after Nancy had got in bed, so we had the full night to enjoy ourselves.

*Note: Yes, I did call the electric company to ask when we needed to start worry about the food in the fridge and freezer. Amazingly, this person told me 8 to 10 hours for most conventional refridgerators. Interesting. I thought it was two.

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