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Friday, October 22, 2010

The Tuna Doppelgänger

I went out with a friend to Armitage -- a lovely, local wine lounge. Lovely place.

The restaurant has a decent wine menu and tasty, reasonably priced food items during happy hour.

Nancy and I had been a few times before, and the atmosphere is always ideal -- reminds me of the time I lived in Seattle, or Houston. Very urban and smooth. And the food is quite tasty and served in the perfect, edible portions.

On this evening, Diane and I decided to share four appetizers -- one of which was the ahi tuna carpaccio. Good stuff; I'd had it before, but -- for some reason -- I was terribly jealous this time. So much that I tried to master the recipe myself.

But I didn't ask the chef for the recipe, so I was winging it.

I started with a salt and lemon base, adding a little bit of both to both sides of the fish. I let this settle in for a few minutes, all the while admiring the absolutely gorgeous patterns in the fish.

Next, I prepared a rub. OK -- it's a stretch folks. I cannot recall exactly what I put in the mix but it think all the ingredients that I ended up choosing to include were paprika, garlic and onion salt, two different types of steak seasoning, ground mustard seed and cayenne pepper.
I then put some grapeseed oil in a very hot skillet -- should have used a sautee pan. Ah well.

I then cooked the tuna for about three to four minutes each side.

Then I made a mistake.

I wanted to toss some soy sauce in the skillet but inadvertently grabbed the teriyaki sauce.

Good God almighty!

This is why I will never, ever work in a commercial kitchen -- hahahahah!

Yes, yes, yes. I do and must laugh at myself from time to time. It keeps me humble and sane.

But it turned out just fine (there's my optimism). It yielded a much fuller flavor -- yes, fuller than I expected. But I did douse the tuna with a little bit of soy sauce in the end.

Armitage does it better, but the taste was just as nice. 

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