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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sushi as Dessert

Must have been something like a month ago I was at my local Albertsons and the store was having this amazing sale on books of all types.

I, of course, was naturally drawn to the cookbook section and was quite amazed to see books going for $1.99 to $6.99 -- and for decent books at that.

I grabbed a few books -- one about quick eats and another focused on inexpensive gourmet-type meals -- and continued on with my grocery shopping. I wonder what I was shopping for that day..... Hum...can't recall.

Anyway, one of the books was produced by Biró, the owner of a restaurant in Wisconsin that I believe has since been shut down. I cannot find a site anywhere.

I was immediately attracted to the book because it had a substantial amount of Asian-inspired dishes. But it also had quite a few European-inspired dishes. I thought this was an interesting combination and, from the looks of the cover, decided to go for it. 

The book is quite amazing, actually -- very descriptive and detailed with some nice photography.

And what I enjoy about it is that there are details about how to plate the dishes! Presentation is huge for me -- as you know, so I was pleased to see that addition.

One of the recipes caught my eye -- a dessert formed to look like sushi.

And, goodness, we all know what a lover of sushi I am!

I couldn't wait to try this out. I know what you're thinking -- but she hates following recipes. Yes, you are right. For this, I omitted the kiwi, cut the sugar and salt and was on my way.

I cannot recall the last time I used my bamboo mat, so I was thrilled about that.

And I was pleased to be trying out a dessert that required virtually no sugar and not to mention no chocolate to be heard of. And with rice, no less! I love rice! All around, a very attractive recipe.

I feel the images do not do the dessert justice at all, whatsoever. It was quite lovely, actually -- soft flavor all around. I used strawberries, mangoes and pineapples for the filling. The rice, which required coconut milk, salt, sugar and a bit of water, was nicely done. The fruit was just ripened.

The only struggle I had was in forming the rolls. That is no surprise. No matter how much I love sushi, I cannot make the rolls to save my life! Honestly, the roll -- I only made one -- came out to be one hunkin' log. I was slightly disappointed, because I was really going for nice, dainty rolls. But that's OK. I prefer nigiri and sashimi anyway.

In fact, that is how I intend to have my desert tomorrow.

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  1. You have such fun with your food! To me that's the whole reason for loving cooking.


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