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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Precious Peppadews

From what I know, peppadew peppers are native to South Africa and since the 1990s have begun making their rounds to the United States.

I love the sweet, slightly spicy flavor of the peppadews.

I've experimented with serving them chopped up in a salad and stuffed with goat cheese. I also tried them with mint and goat cheese -- though just plainly served with the goat cheese has been my favorite thus far.

But, really, the flavor is so amazing that you could just pop one of these into your mouth and just savor the flavor alone.

And they are quite lovely to look at.


  1. I love these things, having discovered them at the olive bar at Safeway about a year ago. I don't buy them often, Peter doesn't care for them. But now you've planted a seed and I'll have to get a few just for me.

  2. Oh girl NOW you are talking my language for sure! I love, love, love peppadews (but only the hot ones). The mild ones are too sweet for my taste. I use them in my pasta dishes all the time and also love to snack on them. You'll have to try the "savory spinach, feta and peppadew muffins" I made from Bon Appetit mag (on my site). AWESOME!

  3. Yum, I love reading your blog! Last time we had fresh peppadews from our CSA, I marinated them in olive oil and vinegar and then baked them stuffed with mozzarella and prosciutto. So good!


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