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Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Homecoming

Last night, the Wildcats played Washington during the UA's Homecoming. The Wildcats took the game -- 44-14.

But it was another homecoming -- Nancy and Alex had returned after 2.5 days away.

This called for an elaborate meal and a warm welcome.

And look! I got to use the awesome dutch oven Nancy got me for my birthday

I spent part of the day prepping the house -- tidying up, laying out Nancy's pajamas, lining up some of the items she would need when she returned home. Then I set out to prepare dinner.

I served the peppadews as an appetizer. We both love those little, potent peppers. I stuffed most of them with a plain goat cheese and a couple of others with marinated mozzarella balls that I ended up having to cut in half because they simply would not fit neatly inside of the peppers.

I then served a couple of the peppadews with mint leaves. This created an interesting flavor -- spicy and mint makes for a curious combination.

The appetizer, I decided, would consist of cucumbers, avocado, cottage cheese and scallops.

Taking my queues from The Enchanted Cook, I decided to experiment with turmeric.

We've been trying to cut back on olive oil so this was a great time to experiment without it. I generally salt my scallops and douse them in lemon juice before I sauteed them so, for this recipe, I kept with the salt and lemon, then added about one and a half tablespoons of turmeric to the scallops.

I let this sit for a good while before sauteeing them with a small smattering of butter.

I then plated the scallops with the mock-guacamole. It was not a true guacamole I was trying to make -- just flavored avocado, really. I thought it would complement the scallops well, and it did, quite nicely.

Now to the chicken.

Nancy is not a huge fan of chicken, so I had to make a recipe that would melt with flavor. I opted for teriyaki and soy sauce base to serve as the base flavor and decided I would make some sweet potato fries to compliment the chicken.

I am now realizing what an elaborate meal this was! Didn't seem that way while I was preparing it.

Anyway, so I quick cooked the chicken thighs in the dutch oven, intending to use the browned scraps for a sort of juice. But, this being the first time I have ever used the oven, I didn't realize how quickly it heated! Turns out I had to use two dishes -- one for the chicken (which I had to promptly clean at the end) and the other for the Mexican baby squash and onions.

But I was able to use the pot with the vegetables to deglaze, which called for sake. After deglazing, I added the chicken and cooked on a simmer while the wine reduced. In the end, sticky semi-sweet chicken rounded out the meal. We had a wonderful dinner and evening. It was so nice to have the both of them back home.


  1. Ah! Imagine my surprise clicking on your posting and seeing my name! You're so sweet to link back to me and to try the turmeric with your scallops! They look lovely! What a great posting - so cool that you got such a great dutch oven from Nancy and what a great gift you gave her and Alex by preparing such an amazing meal!


  2. Thank you! I very much enjoy so many things that you prepare. Great inspiration.


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