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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Clearing out the Fridge

It was about time to clear out the fridge -- take as many vegetables as possible and form them into a single dish.

We wanted bruchetta, but -- no.

Tonight was the night: I had to figure out how to get red peppers, Anaheim chilies, mushrooms, onions and broccoli into a single dish.

Don't ask me how we ended up with so many veggies.

And when I cut into the red bell pepper, look at the most adorable growth that I found inside! I was like a miniature version of the red pepper.

How darling!


So here I am looking at all these vegetables and it occurs to me that I so happened to have some coconut milk, ginger, chili paste, fish sauce, shrimp and lemon. 

All ideal for an imitation Thai dish.
I very much enjoy Thai food, but don't often get out to restaurants to try it.

And, granted, the Thai dish I made tonight -- which has no name -- was not authentically Thai.

In fact, two Thai restaurants in Tucson are so very wonderful: and Char's and Bangkok Cafe. We have a couple other reasonable Thai restaurants in town. I find that my favorite dish is the red curry. Is that predictable?

But what I tried tonight quite lovely nonetheless.

Mild, tender, full of flavor, slightly spicy.

I served the dish with a mound of jasmine rice that had been cooked with tiny slivers of fresh garlic. The garlic was not at all overpowering -- very subtle.

Ahhh -- so wonderful. And, look -- during the time I was cooking, I had an audience: 

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  1. Good for you. Cleaning out the fridge. Peter has made me much better about that.


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