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Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Bundle of Luscious Flavors

Goodness, I have not been feeling well these last several days, so something light but flavorful and relatively easy to produce in the kitchen sounded nice.

How many times had I been to P.F. Chang's and thought, "Hum, these lettuce wraps are great! ...but so expensive." You can get a sample of these for about $7 or so -- but, really? We're talking about vegetables and chicken. Granted, you are also paying for the ambiance, but Nancy's house is quite lovely -- so there.

I wasn't trying to replicate the PF Chang's recipe tonight. I merely wanted to try to make lettuce wraps.

I cannot recall why, but this has been on my mind for a few days now.

We had some leftover lamb mince, so I opted to use that for the meat. We also had some mushrooms and  green onions. While at the grocery store, I purchased some Anaheim chilies, water chestnuts and the lettuce. My goodness, I cannot recall the last time I purchases iceberg lettuce! I was raised on this stuff. It is packed with water, compared with other leaf veggies, which makes it absolutely perfect for this recipe.

I began with the lamb -- salt and pepper with sesame oil formed the base for flavor. I let this sit for about 20 minutes.

Meanwhile, I chopped up Baby Bella mushrooms, onions, green onions, the chilies and also shredded the ginger. The garlic was pressed in later.

I pan fried the lamb in a skillet, not a wok. I know, I know! But this worked out quite well (Read: Not feeling well and tired). I ended up over cooking the lamb on purpose -- I wanted to have somewhat of a crispy feel, almost like cracklings, but not as rough.

In a separate skillet, I sauteed the onions in a little bit of olive oil, lowered the heat a bit, then added the mushrooms. When the meat was nearly done, I added the onion mixture from the other skillet. I cooked this together for a few minutes, then tossed in the ginger and garlic.

Nancy helped me with the lettuce, cutting it in a way that it formed nearly perfect half-orb shaped cups. How wonderful! I was such a little girl in the kitchen! So thrilled to see everything coming together.

In the end, I put the green onions in a separate plate and also made a dipping sauce with soy sauce, hot mustard and two different types of chili sauce. Good stuff. In the end, we had an ample helping for the the both of us.


  1. How weird! This posted at 10/10/10 and 10 p.m.!!!

  2. Lol on the 10/10/10 at 10! I'm in Vegas right now for work and have seen a hundred brides! I guess 10/10/10 is a great day to get married :-)

    Your lettuce wraps sound yummy using lamb!! Who would've thought?! Love it!


  3. When I was growing up, in the 50's, all we ate was iceberg. I still like it, especially with a bleu cheese dressing. I'm glad you had such success with this.

  4. Hi Enchanted. Enjoy your trip. And, yes, the wraps were amazing!

  5. Oooh! Bleu cheese dressing. That sounds delicious right now.


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