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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Apple Sausage in Plush Bedding

As a child, my parents would buy hot dogs and biscuits  to prep for pigs in the blanket, as we fondly called them. Apparently, people have named these little treats a number of things, including sausage in a nightgown and sausage in a biscuit.

I cannot quite explain the allure of hot dogs wrapped in a warm pillow of dough, a concoction my siblings and I would aptly dip into maple syrup.

The savory mixture - warm and palpable, mixed with the sweet syrupy texture became a strong reminder of home.

Fast food restaurants have tried to remake -- and, possibly, reclaim this household favorite -- and have failed. I am reminded of the McDonald's sausage biscuit. I once loved these things. But after watching Food Inc.

I realized exactly how far from the accurate these little buns are.

Honsetly, there should be absoltuely no gristle in a pig in the blanket -- and the gag reflex should never be kicked into activation while attempting to enjoy one of these.

Seriously, I have not had one of these since September 2009. Food Inc. awakened my palate in a way I never expected.

But back to home cooking.

We would have pigs in the blanket semi-frequently, with there being five of us, this proved to be an inexpensive but delicious and filling tabletop meal.

I set out to replicate this recipe as an adult.

Honestly -- this may well be the first attempt since age 15 that I have attempted to make
pigs in a blanket at home.

The idea began with a late night giggle fest with Nancy.

How did we get on the subject?

We may have been reflecting on our childhoods, talking about family food or something along that similar tangent.

I am not sure.

Tangents are popular with us.

But eating pigs in a blanket is one of those prominent memories for me.

I remember the excitement around them -- yes, a meal that both the adults and the children could have fun producing. There was something exciting about getting the hands all gooey (I hate this now) in making the blankets. Funny -- the dough these days seems to stick together quite nicely. It doesn't burst from the container in the same way, oozing whichever way.

The shortening -- um, yeah...bad idea!

But I used croissants tonight -- and apple and sausage links. We had to go gourmet style. Instead of the standard hot dogs and biscuits, we used apple sausage and croissants.

And I prepped an elaborate salad. Yep.

And, of course, as I was taking photgraphs, Nancy stuck in for a pluck of the olives! She did it so quickly that I did not have time to react.

Oh -- and why all the eats in the salad? We had avocado, red peppers, Anaheim chilies, feta, tomatoes (the most beautiful looking ones, too), olives, broccoli, peppadews and olive oil with truffle oil. The reason: We're still trying to clear out the fridge.

Together, the result was a light, but luxurious meal. Ma would be proud.


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