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Sunday, September 5, 2010

SAVEUR: Peppers Stuffed with Feta

The conversation began innocently enough (this is me paraphrasing):

"That was pretty good," I began.

"Yes, thank you baby. That was good," Nancy said with that gorgeous smile I always like to see.

"You know what I should do on top of my weekly food challenge," I said, thinking immediately to Nancy's recent birthday gift to me -- a year's subscritpion to Saveur magazine.

When I met Nancy, she had her own subscription, but it ended about two months ago. Funny story -- turns out that just as I was buying her a renewal subscription, she was buying a subscription for my birthday. Usher in the *awwwwws*

So, to continue the conversation, I was thinking about receiving a monthly addition of this amazing magazine with its high glossy, food-ography and amazing assortment of recipes from around the world.

I find myself eagerly awaiting my copy every single month to see, "My goa! Look at what's on the front cover!" before flipping swifly to the index page to read about the new additions.

I find myself taking time to read and re-read the recipes detailing the exact how-to prepare Porchetta, moussaka, the original Cobb salad, eggplant spread, stuffed celery, maple bacon biscuits, squash blossom pizza, clayuda, lemon and rosemary chicken, pastitsio -- so much more!!!

*pauses to lick lips* 

"The Burger Bible" was one of my favorite issues -- as was the issue about fare from Los Angeles, where I was born and raised.

So, I continued: "What if I added a new challenge? What if I made each dish featured on the cover of each month's Saveur?"

...and this is how yet another crazy idea was born.

But here it begins.

This month's feature: Peppers Stuffed with Feta.

I have never made this recipe before, so I followed it almost exactly (sorry -- but there always must be SOME variation). For the chiles, I used Anaheim and Fresno. The Fresno chiles were somewhat hot -- not burn-the-buds-off-your-tongue hot, but hot enough to have you whimpering a little bit.

And don't be mistaken by the title. A quite a bit more than feta was going on with that stuffing, which was quite decadent. Very lush. Rich. Slighty spicy. All in all, a good addition to the dinner table. And considering how I like to avoid cooking from a recipe, this is a tremendous nod to Saveur.


  1. The Fresnos are such a beautiful color!

  2. These photos are great! I can almost smell the melted cheese!

  3. It's a wonderful recipe. Calls for lemon zest. I was a bit curious about that one, but it did lend a lovely flavor to the peppers.

  4. I've been thinking about these peppers ever since reading this post. Google took me to the actual Saveur recipe. It appeared that the peppers weren't peeled, which indeed was the case. Can't help wondering what the texture is like with the skin still on. (Peeling them is such a pain.)

  5. Thank you Stephen! I have embedded the link to the recipe. Also, the skills were so soft. You have to quickly roast them without the stuffing, then again with the stuffing. That way, it doesn't taste gritty and rough.

  6. Thought I'd reply to your inquiry about star anise here - maybe you'll get it more readily. It's a prime ingredient in Chinese 5-spice powder - a hint of licorice and a hint of clove. That's the best I can do in a description. By the way, feel free to email me questions: scrout1944@msn.com

  7. I totally missed the link to Saveur. Thanks for doing that. Next time I'll be more vigilant.


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