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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Reasoning Goes Out the Door

Sometimes you have to throw reasoning out the door and just do it for the sake of sheer curiosity.

Jurors, please meet wonton wrappers, feta cheese, panko and one teaspoon of butter.

Please don't ask me to explain what came over me.

Please don't ask, "Why the curiosity?"

Just accept that this is the way I am. I have.

*loud, methodical laugh interspersed with: "What was I thinking?!"*

So, yes -- I got all curious about these four ingredients, wondering if combining them would amount to anything interesting.

The answer: Nah, not really. This will pretty much go down as a failed experiment.

Honestly, I didn't have any foresight here. I was just wondering what would come of mixing these. All I got were pretty bland, dried out wonton wrappers. Even when the feta kept them moist, having baked them in the oven for a good 5 minutes or so, the result was substandard. There was no melding of flavor, no electric party on my tongue. Nothing.

A failed attempt to redeem this appetizer included the introduction of some jalapeno jelly. Yeah, that served no purpose to be heard of, other than to aggravate me further.

Don't try this one at home. But at least I had an audience.


  1. Don't know what this was all about, but, your honesty is refreshing. As to your question about milanesa and panko: we always have a lot of homemade bread crumbs on hand, so have not done milanesa with panko. However, no reason not to. Should be good. Is that a big doggie I see in the first photo? It's hard to know if our communication is successful. Please feel free to email me at scrout1944@msn.com. All best, StephenC

  2. Forget the fail, your dogs are adorable!


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