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Friday, September 3, 2010


Commence the harmonic, angelic music.

Aren't those the most perfect-looking peaches?! And just in time for the food challenge.

In preparing this week's challenge meal, I called it the marriage of opposites. Nancy wanted to know if that, too, is what we would call our wedding. Tee hee. I suppose you have got to know us to get the joke.

Nonetheless, here we go.

I had been boiling my brain trying to figure out what I would make. Peaches?! Goodness. I love a challenge, but what to do with peaches if not a peach cobbler, peach pie, peaches and ice cream...

No to desserts! I wanted to make an entree.

But Nancy brought to mind -- what about breakfast? Or a side? ...a side. Yes! A...peach salsa? Why not.

I got all my ingredients poised: Two not-yet-ripe peaches, lemon and lime, a red bell pepper, an Anaheim pepper, corn on the cob, cilantro, green onions, a red onion and some spices and herbs.

...oh, and salmon. More on that later. That gets to the point about the marriage of opposites.

So, I got my fruit and veggies ready for the grill. I figured that if I were making a salsa, I had to grill the peaches.

I put some olive oil on the grill-bound eats -- with a little bit (just a pinch) of salt for the peaches -- and put the grill on high.

Everything was ready within about a half hour period.

Meanwhile, I was cooking the jasmine rice on the stove with some onion salt and turmeric -- just a tiny bit of turmeric, though. Really, as though the turmeric wasn't even there. I was worried that the flavor would overwhelm everything else. I just wanted a gentle taste of the spice. Turned out that while good, I could have gone a bit more heavy handed with the spice.

When everything was prepped from the grill, I put the grill-less items in a bowl, then let the peaches and vegetables cool a bit before chopping them up.

Once chopped, I tossed them with the rest of the items and added just a few drops of Sriracha for the heat effect. What's salsa without heat? Turned out to be a good addition, though I did experiment with chili oil first. That was a bad, bad, bad idea! Blecht! Thank goodness only a spoonful went to waste.

The salmon was baked, quite simply, with butter, salt and parsley with a splash of lemon throughout. This is my fall-back salmon recipe.

And I am still working on my presentation, so I opted to cut the salmon into these strange triangles to bump up against the rice mold. Nancy said the rice mold reminded her of hospital food; the triangle salmon reminded me of quiche.

Next time I will go vertical for an elaborate show!

The peaches did quite well in the "salsa" -- but I should have grilled them much longer. Turned out I only grilled them on the exposed part. It may have benefited the flavor having grilled both sides and much longer! The peaches simply didn't pick up the slightly charred essence I was hoping to achieve.

So, yeah -- everything independent of one another was pretty tasty. But, together, created a weird amalgamation of I don't know what.

Still, Nancy and I both felt it was a good meal. Plenty of food with the one serving, so we'll have lots of leftovers to toss into other dishes. With the peach salsa, I am thinking it would be best served in tacos or over a steak. Perhaps.


  1. Thanks for the dishes but it would be good if we give receipe even.

  2. Hello there! Thanks for stopping in and reading. Just so you know, I rarely cook from recipes. Tonight was one of those nights where I just kind of tossed everything together. In fact, I am notorious for not measuring! But I post any recipes I do follow.

  3. You are such fun to read. I've been thinking recently about pork cutlets and peaches which was one of my earliest blog posts - 08/11/08. This goes so far back that I didn't even have a camera then. I remember nothing about this except that I think we really liked it. Just sayin'...

  4. Thank you Stephen! I'll check out that earlier blog you mentioned.


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