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Saturday, September 18, 2010


We are gearing up for our next food and photography event, which we are fondly calling Foodography.

Nancy's friend, Gina, is hosting the event next month, so we visited to do a dry run. I figured this was the perfect time to try out the week's challenge item: mangoes. I was so busy that Nancy took most of the photos.

I marinated some chicken breasts (natural, cage-free) overnight in olive oil, soy sauce, ginger and some spices. Before baking them in Gina's awesome Pampered Chef clay rectangular baker, I added some honey and onions.

I then prepared the grill.

On went a red and yellow pepper and the mangoes. In retrospect, I should have put foil down for the mangoes, which kept sticking to the grill grates. Ah well. We live and we learn. I also included a foil wrap with some shrimp in salt and pepper with olive oil.

Meanwhile, I was preparing a red wine reduction and also chopped up another mango and green onions and threw this into a frying pan with a bit of wine and olive oil. I know, strange thing to do. Then I put in some dried cranberries and sundried tomatoes and sauteed this over medium heat for about six minutes or so.

For the plating, I put down spinach and a bit of feta cheese, then the sliced chicken and the sauteed mixture. I served the semi-roasted onions and also the peppers on the side.

In all, the dish was quite flavorful. The red wine reduction didn't come out as nicely as I expected -- perhaps because I added a bit of brown sugar, but no vanilla extract. Noted.

The chicken was soft and full of flavor, but didn't pick up hints of the honey. The ginger was nice and subtle though.

And I could have added the cranberries much later in the cooking process, but that was OK.

But the mangoes! They retained their lovely, juicy flavor and made the perfect fit for the chicken. Not bad, not bad.

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