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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Some of My Favorite Things

Ah, kitchen tools.

I feel blessed to have some decent kitchenware.

Like the red set trivet and spoon holder my mother gave me as a gift during my work as a master’s student. Or the comal I got years ago from a second hand store.
And the amazing ergonomic garlic press made by Pampered Chef (I have tried a couple of the company’s products. They are pretty study and wonderfully designed).

Also the lime press, which I use as a lemon press as well. The lemons never quite fit, but it does the job as it should.

And a couple of things that belong to Nancy – like her awesome beater, peeler and grater. Love this! I never cared much for hand held graters before, but I find that are much more easy to use and maneuver and I am less prone to cut my knuckles while working. Same with the peeler. I never knew peeling potatoes and cucumber could be so stress free! I had never had a tool like this before.

I also absolutely love my kitchen cubby. It was part of a get-well gift my office gave me a couple years back. It was a basket full of teas, jams and other kitchen items. After emptying the lot, I fell immediately in love with the basket and have used it to hold my high demand kitchen items ever since.

Of course, my high demand items have grown substantially over the years, so I now use it to hold items that are visually appealing or have an awkward shape that is to strange to fit comfortably into the overhead cabinet.

And containers! I love containers – bowls, jars, cups and the like. I especially love this rose bowl that someone left at my housewarming party years ago. Not sure who – that person has not come forward for it. I have been using it for three years. And Nancy converted one of my soy sauce dishes into a garlic container. Very smart. And I use other small bowls for storing and mixing sauces and the like.

Yes – this all makes for a vibrant kitchen.


  1. I love checking out other's kitchen favorites! I love small bowls and dishes too! I have a grater just like that and I love it and use it often. I also have an egg beater like that too, just because my mother had one like that! I have Pampered Chef's garlic press and hand grater, but never use them, but I do have several PC items that I use often. Their batter bowl and stoneware...love it! Thanks for sharing...it was fun!

    P.S. I love the red trivet set!

  2. I love the red trivet set, too. I have a similar set in black and I have all 3 trivets hanging over the stove. It's like functional art.

  3. I love the color your favorites add to the kitchen. A bit nice. A bit spicy. Just like the cook :-). Have a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  4. If I had it to do over again, I'd have bought one of the larger lemon presses, which obviously would work well with limes. With lemons I cut them into quarters - then they fit in the lime press. Indispensable kitchen tool!

  5. What lovely kitchen stuff! I have a ton of it myself. Finally got some cardamom, I'm looking forward to posting on that one soon!


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