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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Our Photography and Food Party

Nancy and I have been talking for about the last two months or so about hosting an event during which she would provide a photography lesson and I would cater.

It finally came to fruition.  And my darling friend Christina took some AMAZING photos! All of the photos include here are her images.

The party, hosted by Kelly -- one of Nancy's dear friends -- went off last night. Luckily, the monsoon rains didn't start until about one hour after the photo lesson, which was held on the deck outside.

While Nancy was giving her lesson (she's a professional photographer. I am not sure I had mentioned that previously), I was busy in the kitchen.
Photo Credit: Christina White
This was quite a challenge because I had to bring all of my food, utensils, spices and sauces and dishes to Kelly's house for the feast.

You should have seen the two cars loaded up! What a sight.

So, I decided to make tuna towers in the spirit of Chef Neff, the former head chef at Miraval. My variation of his recipe required: fresh ahi tuna, avocados, sesame seeds, sesame oil, cucumber, daikon, sriracha, scallops, mirin, onion salt and a couple other ingredients I can't quite recall at the moment.

I also made two types of salad -- one in the sense of a traditional North American salad and the other inspired by Asian cuisine, more specifically, Japanese. Other additional items used: cherry and Roma tomatoes, feta cheese, smoked salmon, truffle oil and a few other additions.  

I also prepared desserts! Simple deserts

I prepared strawberries, drizzling them with an apple sauce reduction with vanilla and a small sprinkling of confectioner's sugar.

I also prepared a vegetable and cheese platter for a second dessert -- fresh parmesean and Manchango cheeses with almond stuffed green olives and marinated peppadew peppers.

We later discovered that the truffle oil mixed with my reduction served an excellent accompaniment for the Manchango! Simply delicious and succulent tender sweetness with a soft, semi-smoky flavor that melted on the tongue and lingered for a minute thereafter. Goodness, almighty! It was an amazing accidental discovery. I most certainly will be preparing this again in this way.

I didn't see any of Nancy's presentation because I was too busy working the kitchen, but I hear she did an excellent job. No surprise -- she is a great teacher and has a sharp eye. Also quite patient with those of us who still can't grasp the meaning behind ISO settings and F-stop.

*long, deep, frustrated sigh*

But, yes -- great execution! And wonderful friends, ambiance and conversation. We are looking forward to doing this again, on a regular basis. Maybe monthly; maybe quarterly. We haven't quite figured it out.

Photo Credit: Christina White


  1. What a party! I can tell everyone there had lots of fun!

  2. Thank you. It was such a fantastic time!

  3. Wow very fancy and impressive! Two of my fave things - food and photography! Sounds like so much fun :)


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