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Sunday, August 8, 2010

My Spice Rack

One of the challenges here has been in arranging my spices. I have entirely too many, yet cannot let any of them go.

I had done the usual -- stuffed them into the overhead cabinets, opting to pick through them to find the ones I needed prior to cooking. It was never a problem, until...

Well, remember when I spilled all of those fresh peppers into the mashed potatoes after my pepper mill had broken in my hands? I had dropped it onto the countertop while going for the Old Bay seasoning, causing it to hit the floor. I didn't realize it was broken.

Then there was that time I was preparing a marinade in the salad bowl my father gave me. It had belonged to his mother, who'd had the bowl for decades. Well, I dropped rosemary -- I believe -- and it hit the rim of the bowl, causing a horrendous chip and a crack that creeps down to the bottom side of the bowl.


I needed an alternative.

And I've found one. 

Nancy and I were at Michael's getting a gift for her nephew who had just turned 16. The kid is into arts and food -- love him!

Anyway, I was browsing in the basket section in search of something that could neatly contain my spices. I had considered a spice rack, but they seem a waste of space to me. There should be something to do with the void they create.

But I came upon this awesome, non-descriptive but study basket (see left; Alex looks so very amused. Actually, she's annoyed that I am taking pictures and not cooking).

Perfect! I crammed enough spices in the box -- the ones I use more frequently, then packaged the seldom-used ones away in a bag and placed them in a dark, dry space in the house.

So now when I cook, I simply pull out the basket and get what I need and, when finished, slide it back onto the fridge where it now lives. No mess and no danger of a glass spice container careening off of the shelf and into an antique container that has been handed down from my great grandmother.



  1. We struggle with keeping spices organized. Peter gets all exercized when I get them out of alphabetical order (he's visually challenged). Keeping them in the fridge sounds like a excellent idea for preserving freshness, but our fridge real estate is too limited. Oh well, we've muddled through for nearly 3 decades as it is!

  2. Yes we all have the struggles of how to sore the spices. I like checking out how other store theirs. Nice looking spice box you have there! I have a small older kitchen, actually your stove top looks just like mine! So I don't have any space to spare. I did invest in some stainless steel jars for them, which work really well here in Florida! I'll check out Michael's!

  3. I buy some common spices (kosher salt, peppercorns, cinnamon, grill seasoning) in bulk and keep the big bottles in a box in the basement.

    For everyday use, I have a magnetic spice rank (kind of like a small bulletin board) mounted over our kitchen sink (it's a blank wall). My spices stick to the wall and stay cool and dry (in spite of the fact that they are near the sink). I refill when necessary.

  4. Goodness! How long have you had that stove?

  5. I wish there were more room in the kitchen. But, alas -- no luck. I like the idea of using the magnets, but there are virtually no under hanging areas that are free in the kitchen. *sigh*

  6. Brilliant idea Keeley! Especially if you tend to cook a lot.


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