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Sunday, August 8, 2010


Last week was a rough week for me in the kitchen.

I wasn't feeling to well for half the week and, during the other half, I obsessed over the week's food challenge item: yogurt.

Turned out a friend of mine, Dina, had a birthday. Good motivation for making a cake. So, I hoped to make a cake using yogurt.

I thought I was the first to think about such a thing, but later found out that there are whole cookbook recipes dedicated to the art of making cakes using yogurt.

Ah well.

I used about 1.5 cups of flour as the base and included Greek-style plain yogurt from Trader Joe's, about a tablespoon of butter, two eggs, some salt, some olive oil, the juice from one lemon and, as a last thought, some poppy seeds.

In retrospect, I should have added some of the zest! Argghhh! I also could have added more poppyseeds, but this was my first go at making a cake other than chocolate from scratch. And it was such an enjoyable experience. Quite easy in comparison. It took me about 15 minutes to mix the ingredients about was about 40 minutes in the oven for the cake.

It was a delicious, moist cake! I was quite surprised at the yield. Pretty good for my first go. But question of the day: Why did it turn out looking the way it did? So strange.

Anyway -- Nancy and I had plans to visit with Dina to celebrate her birthday last night.

We arrived with some gifts, the cake and this rice/corn dish I have been meaning to make for ages.

The dish was inspired by one I had at Maya Quetzal. If you are ever in the Tucson area, I would highly recommend checking out this restaurant. It is a small establishment, but the owners and employees work hard to keep the place up and running. Locally owned; not a chain -- another attractive feature. And in a land ruled by Mexican food -- much of which is pretty good -- this Guatemalan restaurant is a fantastic deviation from the norm.

One of the side dishes offered is this amazing melding of corn and rice. I have had it twice before and wanted to try and duplicate the dish at home. I have no idea what is included in the dish and going from memory, stirred together prepared jasmine rice that had been cooked in chicken broth, corn, some creme cheese and shredded mozzerella cheese. I also adding some garlic powder with parsley on top before cooking in the oven for a half hour.

The flavors were amazing! ...but it was nothing close to the delicious nature of what the Maya Quetzal chefs have produced.

Hum...maybe I should have added some yogurt and a tiny bit of milk?

*long, deep sigh*


  1. It was all terrific! We're still enjoying the cake and I've always loved that special rice they make. Your recipe was pretty close.
    Thanks so much!!!!


  2. Yum, yum, yum. I may have to give a go at the rice/corn dish. Sounds good.


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