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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Comal Conundrum

I have been on this sushi kick for a couple of weeks now, but my cravings have not yet been squashed.

So no wonder that I craved fresh, raw fish Monday night. I opted to make tuna.

Last week I discovered that the comal I have had for something like eight years can be used to sear meats. How wonderful! I usually try to sear my tuna on the grill, but the fire is never hot enough to do the job, so it ends up cooking too close to the middle. But this comal – I have never used it for anything other than heating tortillas – something I hadn’t done in quite a while since I don’t often use tortillas any more in my cooking. But I figured I could try something new!

I made a marinade for the tuna then combined black and white sesame seeds on a plate to cover the tuna before placing it on the comal. I then waited for the comal to get extra hot before gently placing the tuna on it.


I have never seen so much smoke lift immediately from a cooking dish! And it took longer than expected to sear the tuna. And the seeds were starting to burn! Arggghhh!!!

I would like to take this moment to reiterate that I am a chef in training – a home chef, to be specific.

Now, nothing to worry about. We didn’t have to call the fire department. I quickly removed some of the seeds and added a bit of grapeseed oil (big no no for me, but ah well…) and seared the tuna for about two minutes.

Then I made the salad.

I simply mixed soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, a little bit of sesame oil and some red chili oil with a generous shaving of ginger then tossed the salad. Marvelous flavor!

I served the tuna over the salad and there you have it! It was actually a pleasant meal. And for dessert – I made sticky rice and mango, but using jasmine rice instead of sticky rice. I also made a sticky coconut milk reduction to spread over the rice with sesame seeds. My first try at the dessert. Not bad.

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