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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Century Eggs, Take One

I consider myself very open minded and curious about all things culinary – and most other things, in a general sense.

Yes, even about the century egg.

I learned about these eggs no more than one year ago. Apparently, these are considered a delicacy in China. The name might suggest that the eggs are preserved for 1,000 years, but that is not so.

After learning about the eggs, I felt compelled to try one. My sister, during a trip to China last year, also sent me a photo of a buffet in which century eggs were being served! And, goodness, we all know about my egg obsession.

Granted, my interest in trying a century egg was out of curiosity. I must admit this. But, I did not have any interest in glorifying the experience in the sense that I was trying something so “exotic” or “taboo.”

That would be ridiculous.

Nonetheless, I purchased some century eggs from the 17th Street Market and opened my first this week.

I was so disappointed. Maybe a little unnerved.

No, I did not prepare fruit, soup, rice or tofu to go along with the egg. I tried it alone. I wanted to get a good sense of its smell and flavor. I thought the egg was so beautifully preserved, but I was so surprised that I did not like the smell or taste – not even a little bit.

…alas, I may give it another try on another day.


  1. I first had century eggs in Kowloon, China nearly 35 years ago. I found them intriguing - and the taste? - ok. More recently I've bought them at an Asian market twice. First time, loved them. Second time, I think they were bad. Haven't gone back again, yet. You're brave to try.

  2. How were they prepared? Did you eat them with anything?

  3. I usually take two, well, at least. :-)) Love them.


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