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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bursting with Flavor

We had a dinner guest last night. My, I do love entertaining. I decided to make a brisket and toss together a salad and couscous. Very, very simple.

I began cooking Monday night. I had to make a stock. In restroscpect, I’m not sure why…there was chicken stock in the fridge….

Well, it was good exercise.

I had been saving the chicken bones from the doro wat, but didn’t have enough bones, so ended up using bouillon as well. And, true to my character, I couldn’t keep it simple and just use the chicken bouillon. I added beef and shrimp bouillon just out of curiosity. I figured that if it turned out horrible, I would simply add water and seasoning to the crock pot while cooking the brisket.

I cooked this with a few garlic cloves (whole) for about two hours, skimming off the top periodically.

In the morning, I browed the brisket in a skillet and into the crock pot it went with the stock/ bouillon concoction on low heat for eight hours.

But when I returned from work, it wasn’t quite ready! Didn’t make sense – this was only a one-pounder. I turned up the heat to high and cooked it for about another hour and a half. It was just about ready then.

The salad was quite simple – much like the one I made a few days ago with black truffle oil as the only dressing.

Then I set out on making the couscous. I wanted to use turmeric. Just because. So, I sautéed some onions in a bit of olive oil, added the water and then also added a tablespoon – maybe a little bit less – of turmeric with some cinnamon and two garlic cloves and chives. What a fantastic idea!

And that was that. Dinner. Honestly, though – my photos do not do the meal any justice at all!

And this week's challenge: yogurt! Eek. What to make?!


  1. Isn't it amazing how long some things take to cook? A good piece of brisket is worth the effort.

  2. Yes! And it doesn't look like much of anything either.


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