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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tired Night; Swift Cooking

Why didn't I take photos of the wonderful eggs benedict I made for breakfast this morning. Bummer.

But it's evening now. And it is nights like these that call for simplicity.

We had a wonderful day out of town visiting a darling friend and, upon returning home, were exhausted.

As Nancy took a nap, I prepared the ribs that had been marinating overnight and all day in a gorgeous liquid of so many things. Honestly, I cannot recall everything I used, but it was some combination of a rub and Filipino sauce.

While the ribs were on the grill, I braised some cabbage with onions and a range of seasonings. Turned out to be quite succulent. And there was a familiar nutty smell in the air as it cooked that so reminded me of home. Perhaps it was something about the nutmeg, or in the red cabbage mixing with the onion. I am not certain.

Oh, and important note to self: Remember to learn how to appropriately control flair ups on the grill. I did slightly char the ribs tonight. Arrggghhh!!! 

And, yes -- I generally do not like to rush cooking a meal. All told, dinner took less than 45 minutes. But it was by no means a disappointment. It turned out to be a lovely pairing. Perfect for an evening of rest.


  1. Ah, simplicity. It seems to be a theme today among the blogs I follow. I gave up grilling a few years ago. Got bored with it - and the flare-ups. I admit I was no expert. I come to trust that my stovetop or oven cooking is pretty much as good. And - it's so hot in Denver now I couldn't stand to be outside. Your ribs look really good.

  2. Hello Stephen! Yeah -- maybe it is the weather. It is terribly hot here as well. We're averaging about 110 each day. And the front of the house gets to be so hot with cooking, so I try and grill as much as possible.


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