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Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Night After...

Oh my goa!

I went to Red Robin last night with a friend to celebrate his birthday -- my first time there. I had heard about Red Robin before, but had never dined there. I didn't realize it was such a burgers-and-fries-driven restaurant.

Wow...I should have just ordered the salad. And only the salad. And water, though water is all I cared to have anyway with the meal.

Oh but no, no, no, no, no!

I had to order the Royal Red Robin Burger instead.

Goodness, gracious. What on earth was I thinking?

Red Robin calls this the "aristocrat of all burgers." What a lovely complement. The burger has tomatoes, bacon, American cheese, mayo and -- here we go -- a fried egg.

*big, long, deep sigh*

You know how attracted I am to eggs. But -- bad idea! It was such a heavy meal with the burger and fries. Too much for my weak system.

And who would have known?! A gal raised on Salisbury steaks and fried chicken and corn dogs dipped in honey and fried biscuits.

But, goodness, that burger was too much! So much that I had a salad for lunch today and desired a light dinner -- one with less lard.

And when I got home from work, I decided to jog a bit before taking Topee and Alex for a walk around the park. Honestly, I needed the exertion.

My body felt as though it were experiencing some mild form of toxic shock! No kidding. I told Nancy I was experiencing a grease overdose. That is not to demean the meal. The food was quite delicious at Red Robin! I simply realize that I have grown accustomed to cooking at home and eating less heavy meals so that my body is not as resilient when it comes to traditionally heavy American foods.

So, yes -- tonight required something requiring no red meat at all.

I began with a salad.

I think I've mentioned before that I once made the world's most bland salads. No kidding. Look up "bland salad" in a dictionary. See what you find.

But tonight's was wonderful!

...tell the truth. Do I gloat too much?

I threw together feta cheese, Kalamata olives, cucumbers, red onions and lettuce. Hum...and a couple of other things can't recall. I tossed all of this with about a tablespoon or so of black truffle oil. I was going to throw fresh spinach in there but, alas, I was feeling lazy. Yes, lots of ingredients; but layers of texture and color.

Inspired by a recipe by StephenC, I poached cod in butter with chives. Very light and decadent. And so little work, which was wonderful considering the heat is still too high for this region. That coupled with the humidity. The monsoon still has not quite activated, so we are dealing with quite a bit of residual heat.

But the dinner -- so very refreshing!

Yes, I admit NOW that the burger and fries of last night were too much for me. I even told my friend that I should have stopped with the last french fry.

But tonight was all about redemption and restoration. 

Also, I have been quite curious about turmeric and rice, so I prepared jasmine rice with about two tablespoons of turmeric, salt and butter. Very simple, but very flavorful! Granted, this thought came to me at about the last three minutes of cooking. But no matter. I simply added a tad bit more water and all my extra ingredients and it all worked out just fine.

But while cleaning after dinner I realized a great omission. 

Bummer! I completely forgot to add the ginger!!!


  1. beautiful combinations of flavor. Got your all major food groups on a plate!

  2. Totally! Much better than a cheeseburger ;-)

  3. I, too, must admit a love for Red Robin hamburgers. I can't resist them when we eat there. Your recovery meal sounds delicious. I've started to do more poaching and steaming of fish and chicken. Your creation looks wonderful and sounds delicious. I hope the day treats you well. Blessings...Mary

  4. I'm flattered to be mentioned. Your fish looks perfect!

  5. I totally understand about the heavy meal and how you felt afterwards.


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