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WHO'S THAT GIRL: A higher education obsessed foodie who is documenting her life in the kitchen. I love to cook delicious, gourmet-style foods for those I love and always welcome a challenge in the kitchen. With that challenge comes an impromptu nature. I tend to avoid following recipes to the exact, so you are not likely to find very many posted here. Being that I am a Libra and am learning to be free in the kitchen, the story always goes, "A pinch of this and a smattering of that!" Thank you for visiting -- and happy reading!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Kitchen Experiment: Food Mold

I have wanted a cylinder-shaped cookie cutter or food mold that I could use in the kitchen. But, while out shopping, it is not something I generally remember, especially since I envisioned that I would use the cylinder very infrequently.

But, yes, it was something I desired. I figured I would use it for shaping rice, couscous and the tuna tower I love making from time time.

Well, turned out that today while standing in line at the grocery story my eyes inadvertently looked down the aisle with all the picnic items.

I pondered: "A plastic cup..."

Finding the plastic cups, I snatched a stack and made my way gleefully home. Would this, could this work? Might this be exactly what I have needed? 

When I arrived home, I began preparing my snack: jasmine rice with a vegetable sautee. When all was prepared to plate, I took my "cylinder mold" and began molding the rice. It worked perfectly! And what's more, it didn't need any kind of cooking spray.

Oh -- and if interested: I prepared the jasmine rice as noted. I then slowly cooked the onions so that they could caramelize slightly, then I added the mushrooms and red bell peppers (I like my slightly crunchy) to the pan and blasted the heat for a few minutes -- just until the peppers got slightly soft.  I then served the dish with a smattering of paprika. The result: Not bad at all.


  1. You are my kind of cook - inventive, eclectic, adventurous. I'm adding you to the list of blogs I follow. Keep amazing me!

  2. Excellent! Thank you for the positive words. And I most certainly will visit your blog. Best to you.


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