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WHO'S THAT GIRL: A higher education obsessed foodie who is documenting her life in the kitchen. I love to cook delicious, gourmet-style foods for those I love and always welcome a challenge in the kitchen. With that challenge comes an impromptu nature. I tend to avoid following recipes to the exact, so you are not likely to find very many posted here. Being that I am a Libra and am learning to be free in the kitchen, the story always goes, "A pinch of this and a smattering of that!" Thank you for visiting -- and happy reading!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Food Is...


The running joke goes, "After finishing her Ph.D. program, she's going to culinary school."


It it sometimes strange to me that I glean so much pleasure from learning about food and in preparing meals. One of my favorite hobbies is to pour through cookbooks, reading about ingredients and preparation. I have recently become attune to the chemistry and subtleties of cooking and am eager to learn more about things such as why you can't just dump sugar into a pan without any type of oil, about the difference between why a filet mignon tastes so vastly different than a flat iron steak and how to use naturally sweet and salty spices to pull more flavor out of a dish.

Food is not mere sustenance for me. My affinity for food carries a much deeper, almost spiritual connection.

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