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Thursday, July 15, 2010


I am a total and complete lover of cheese, so I was thrilled to learn that this week's challenge item was goat cheese.

Some of the best goat cheese I've had thus far was at a darling restaurant in Chicago, as part of a cheese board at the Marriott in Tucson and during a farmer's market during wine tasking weekend in Sonoita, southern Arizona's wine region. Yep, we have a wine region.

So, of course, my love for cheese is broad: Asiago, blue, cotija, edam, feta, gouda, gruyere, havarti (especailly with dill), manchego, paneer, parmesan, ricotta, romano, swiss and Tillamook cheddar to name a select few. Actually, manchego and ricotta are new additions for me. And now that I'm looking at this list, I realize I am not too fond of American cheeses. Most of my culinary interests are international.

So, back to the food challenge.

I decided to make a simple appetizer. Honestly, this has got to be the most simple dish I have made. OK...perhaps taking third place after boiled rice and cheese toast.

I basically rolled a dollop of goat cheese into a mint leaf and prosciutto. In retrospect, I could have added just the slightest pinch of nutmeg to round out the flavors or, as Nancy suggested, added cucumber. The flavors mingled well, but there was virtually no texture to be had.

But one appetizer wasn't enough. Oh no! I had to make bruchetta as well.

I started out slowly cooking onion in olive oil, then added chunks of tomatoes, then slices of peaches -- with the fuzzy skin and all. I then added one glove of fresh garlic and a tablespoon or so of honey.

I could not believe how much this dish reduced! ...to nothing almost. I think I cooked it about 20 minutes too long. But the flavor was very well condenses, almost like a jam, so very little was necessary to add to the slices of french toast I prepared.
For dinner, I grilled a flat iron steak and baked Yukon gold potatoes with parsley. Quite simple, really.

With it all, we enjoyed a nice bottle of zinfandel from my favorite vineyards, Klinker Brick Winery, which is located in Lodi, California.

By the way, Klinker Brick is hands down, no question and no contest one of the absolute best wineries I have ever come across. I highly suggest checking out their wines! Steve, the wine maker, only produces three types -- but, to borrow an expression from my sister, he "puts his foot in it!"

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  1. I think I could love your appetizer. I know I'd love your dinner :-). I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary


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