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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

FOOD CHALLENGE: Blackberries

When I got the e-mail announcing blackberries this week I thought, "Oh no! Blackberries?!" After inadvertently buying blueberries for the market, resulting in a second trip, I decided on a sauce. Silly me.

I decided to make a pork tenderloin, roasted potatoes with rosemary and basil along with a blackberry and balsamic vinegar reduction. I also intended to make a small chocolate cake with blended blackberries.

I began by sorting out the ingredients. Nancy, the professional photographer, stepped in to take some vanity shots of the preparation work and the finished product. Meanwhile, I took some vanity shots of Nancy: 

I blended the blackberries with a tiny bit of brown sugar (my shot): 

Meanwhile, I cooked the potatoes in the oven and the tenderloin on the grill. I also sauteed some sweet onions and mushrooms. Then I began preparing for the cake/brownie -- whatever it turned out to be (my shot): 

The end results (Nancy's shot):

Dinner... (Nancy's shot):

...and dessert (my shot):


  1. So when am I coming for dinner? Yuummmm!

  2. That looks fantastic! I really want to try a sauce as well, but I'm not traditionally good with sauces.

  3. The sauce came out quite sweet, but good. The trick was finding the right balance of brown sugar and in straining the berries after the puree. The reduction wasn't tricky at all. But I didn't add enough juice for another helping of the sauce. Ah well -- good while it lasted!


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