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Friday, July 2, 2010

Eat *This* Meat

To all you vegans and vegetarians, so sorry -- please, turn your heads for a moment. 

To you carnivores and omnivores: If you have never had naturally raised, hormone-free, grass fed beef, I implore you! Do it now and stop shopping in the bulk section of the meat section!

We are already highly selective about the pork and chicken we eat, but not too long ago, Nancy and I made the active decision to begin eating such meats whenever possible. If not possible, we often have a tendency to avoid meat. Fast Food Nation, Food Inc. and a couple conversations with Kumi and Brandon contributed to this. Not to mention that the meat in general stores can often look and smell rank!

Thank goodness we have some decent markets in town that sell well-raised and humanely butchered meats. Yes, there is a social and environmental reason for our decision, but the taste! My goodness, you can immediately tell when an animal was raised well. If you open the package and it smells like a factory, send it back. The meat should look naturally pinkish in color and smell like grass. It will hold flavor MUCH better -- often requiring no or very little seasoning at all. Trust me, for the Earth and your consciousness, it is well worth the extra couple dollars per pound.

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