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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Confessions of an Obsessed Cook

I am in one of those moods. Happens from time to time.

All I want to do this lovey Sunday morning and early afternoon is to study my cookbooks and recipes to figure out what I can attempt to make next.

Yes, I could do this for hours. For me, it is serious study time.

I've been very curious lately about cooking curries and using Indian spices and, always, presentation. The challenge for me today is in deciding whether I want to spend the day in the kitchen, or working on my research project (recall that I am a graduate student in an amazing higher education program).

I'll do both.

But, for now, my thoughts are trained. I cannot stop thinking about what I could be doing with a sheet of puff pastry. Or how I could shape a fish fillet, then bake it to retain the shape. Or how I can make a spice mixture for a rub, then gently sautee the compound until nicely toasted and ready to use as rub. Or what about poaching fruits. I hadn't done that in some time. Or making a semi-sweet, spicy sauce. And what about fennel? What could I do with fennel besides toss it in a salad. Or how about the lotus roots? And, my goodness, how long will they actually hold in the fridge? And another thing, how do people take long pasta and swirl it into such neat and tiny mounds?

Hum...that reminds me. What's for dinner?


  1. That is one of my favorite things to do. Curl up on the couch and look through cookbooks.

  2. Yes! Especially when a monsoon storm is brewing! Lovey to meet like-minded folk. Thank you Pam.


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