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WHO'S THAT GIRL: A higher education obsessed foodie who is documenting her life in the kitchen. I love to cook delicious, gourmet-style foods for those I love and always welcome a challenge in the kitchen. With that challenge comes an impromptu nature. I tend to avoid following recipes to the exact, so you are not likely to find very many posted here. Being that I am a Libra and am learning to be free in the kitchen, the story always goes, "A pinch of this and a smattering of that!" Thank you for visiting -- and happy reading!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Why I Cook

I have fond childhood memories of food and of my relationship with food. I was raised in a household that enjoyed rich, savory and heavy soul food – fried chicken, meat loaf, grits with butter and cheddar cheese, deep fried biscuits and so much more.

My mother cooked often, and I loved her homemade biscuits. The short, solid but soft biscuits were delicious with grape jelly or honey. I have tried about a half dozen times to replicate her biscuits and have failed. There is something about the way she flicks her wrist, I am sure.

McDonald’s Happy Meal. One of my earliest memories is of my father taking me to McDonald’s where I enjoyed a Happy Meal, then hit the play pin. I also recall, at times, playing in the ball pit, which I recalled always smelled like feet. Yes, McDonald’s was always quite the experience.
KFC chicken. My parents would purchase the bucket of chicken for our family of five – you know, the kind with the strategically placed holes that would always cut into your finger as you were trying to remove the top. My favorite? Drumstick! Easy to handle; full of flavor.
Catfish. Growing up in Southern California meant having broad access to fish markets, which was a treat. There is something utterly amazing about a lightly battered and freshly fried Louisiana style catfish. Hold the chips, please.
Candy. I was more attracted to sweets when I was younger and was quite fond of Twix, Tootsie Rolls and those ginormous suckers sold at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

But as an adult I have come to appreciate a broader range of foods that stimulate the wholeness of my tongue’s palate – the bitter, sour salty and sometimes sweet. I find that my palate enjoys complex and spicy foods, the types of daring and heavenly flavorsome foods that require attention and care in the kitchen. Among my newfound favorites as an adult – foods I rarely ate as a child, or never at all -- are: Vietnamese bun, dim sum, doro wat, salmon, sashimi, sesame chicken, avocado (turns out my father is allergic; Ma can’t stand the stuff), crab rangoons, oxtails, leeks and so much more!

I took a more active interest in my food consumption in 2008, opting in 2009 to cook more often at home. It was during that year that I also began to consider more deeply how and where my food products were raised and harvested and how they arrived at my local grocer. This year, I began taking an interest in food presentation and have since begun photographing my meals.

I cook because I am a lover of food – good, wholesome, delicious and especially home cooked meals. I draw great pleasure from cooking for those I love and in being creative and complex in the kitchen. Happy reading!


  1. Yes please to all of it :) You are an amazing cook. Always yummy's for the tummy's :)

  2. Thank you Chris! Send me a food challenge!

  3. Your blog rawks...I look forward to more posts!

  4. Again, glad I found your blog. I love finding people who enjoy good food as much as I do. Now I know I'm not the only one who cooks and dines with a digital camera in her pocket!

  5. Thanks Keeley. Yep -- the camera kind of lives on the kitchen table :-) Always within arm's reach when I am preparing my meals.


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